WannaCry Ransomware Mobile Copy Hits Android Devices

Android Adware

Cybercrooks started to use a modified version of WannaCry ransomware to attack Android users in China.

The mobile ransomware has been spreading through Chinese game forums, imitating a useful plugin for the popular Chinese game “King of Glory”.

Mobile WannaCry Installer

The ransomware note screen may look familiar to you, because it looks just like the WannaCry ransomware which was widespread worldwide in mid-May.

This mobile ransomware launches by hiding its icon from the app drawer and changing the main wallpaper to an anime image. Next, it starts to encrypt files stored on the device’s external storage using AES encryption.

Then, the ransomware demands to pay a ransom of 40 Chinese Renminbi, which is equivalent to about $5-6. The ransom can be paid via the Chinese payment systems Alipay, QQ, Alipay and WeChat. In fact, these payments can be easily traced, unlike when sending cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins.

Mobile WannaCry Ransomware

To protect your Android smartphone or tablet, make sure you reguralry backup your files and install a trusted antivirus software on you device.


Source: Avast.com


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