WannaCry ransomware infects LG self-servicing kiosks in South Korea


Representatives for LG South Korea reported that an unknown ransomware virus has locked self-servicing kiosks at various service centers across the country.

An LG spokesperson said the ransomware looked like WannaCry, however no official investigation confirmed it as of yet. The company said all service kiosks were shut down as staff detected the first infected devices. The company did not say how many kiosks were infected.

This infection suggests that LG’s self-servicing kiosks were left without important updates. System administrators had to install MS17-010 patch in order to protect devices against WannaCry attacks.

During the widespread WannaCry ransomware attack, victims shared photos of their infected devices on Twitter and Facebook. Some photos demonstrated infected self-servicing kiosks, so it’s hard to understand how LG’s staff forgot to check if they patched their systems.


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