WannaCry ransomware attackers send a guarantee pop-up message to the victims

WannaCry pop-up message

The victims of WannaCry ransomware reported that they have received a pop-up message from the virus creators this morning.

The attackers try to convince WannaCry victims that the decryption of files is guaranteed if the victim will pay the ransom demand to Bitcoin wallet.

“I have already sent decryption keys to many customers who had sent me the correct amounts of bitcoin, and I guarantee the decryptions for such honest customers.

Send me a message with your unique bitcoin wallet address an hour before your payment.

Then you will receive the decryption key more quickly”, said the pop-up message.

According to security researchers, this message might has been pre-timed to appear at a set time after the WannaCry ransomware first infected the computer.

WannaCry ransomware was massively launched on Friday, May 12, and infected more than 230,000 computers worldwide.


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