Turkish hackers hijack popular Twitter accounts

Twitter Hijacked

On Wednesday, a group of Turkish hackers has compromised thousands of Twitter accounts, including accounts of some reputable organizations, business CEOs and politicians. The Twitter accounts of European Parliament, French Ministry for the Economy, Forbes, Amnesty International, UNICEF, Duke Research University, Reuters Japan, Starbucks Argentina and many others were among the victims of this attack.

Recently discovered vulnerability in Twitter Counter third-party application made it possible to gain control over the accounts. Twitter Counter officials have admitted the incident and confirmed the source of security flaw.

Turkish hackers posted abusive tweets on the behalf of a bunch of popular Twitter accounts, with the hashtags #Nazialmanya (#NaziGermany) and #Nazihollanda (#NaziHolland), and pointing to a YouTube video of one of President Erdogan’s political speeches.

The large-scale cyber-attacks come as President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan has suspended diplomatic ties with the Netherlands authorities for preventing his ministers from addressing rallies of Turks living there.


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