Telegram Founder Threatens To Stop Services in Russia and Iran


Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram messaging application, warned that he’s ready to break both personal and business ties with the countries which are exerting intense pressure on his business.

In his personal Telegram channel, Durov has answered numerous users’ questions about the government charges which his messenger faced in Russia and Iran. According to Durov, protecting the privacy of users is still one of the priority tasks of the messenger’s development team. If government of any country is going to put pressure on him personally or Telegram service, Durov is ready to suspend Telegram services in such country.

Over the past few years, a few leading IT companies, including Google, Oracle and Microsoft, have closed their Russian development offices, and a significant number of smaller firms have followed this way too, Durov said.

Earlier this year Pavel Durov refused to decrypt Telegram user messages for Russian FSB federal security service. The head of Telegram also reported that Iranian prosecutor’s office initiated a criminal case against him. According to the Iranian authorities, Telegram messenger is allegedly used to spread child pornography and for drug trafficking.


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