Scammers Used Instagram to Steal $50,000 From Banks


Attorney General of Pennsylvania Josh Shapiro announced charges against three Philadelphia men accused of organizing a bank fraud scheme involving the use of Instagram that resulted in the theft of more than $50,000 from a few financial institutions.

Shakour S. Smith, Ikeem M. Starks and Quadir J. Burley used Instagram to recruit other people who allowed their accounts at banks in Philadelphia and Montgomery County to be used as part of the fraud.

The criminals posted bank logos and photos to Instagram and contacted the users who “liked” their posts. The scammers tried to obtain bank account information from the users who responded in Istagram – promising them a cut of the cash they planned to steal from banks. Then, the thieves were depositing fraudulent checks into bank accounts and withdrawing money that didn’t belong to them.

The three scammers have all been arrested and are being held in Montgomery County Prison.



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