Reset Opera Browser

Reset Opera Settings

Unfortunately, there is no special option provided in Opera settings in order to restore this browser to its default settings. However, it’s quite easy to clean your Opera browser from annoying redirects, pop up or any other adware using the following guide.

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Open your Opera web browser. Click Menu Main menu button Opera icon in the upper-left corner of the page. Go to About Opera option.

Main menu Opera

Copy the Profile and Cache path lines one after another. (Highlighted in yellow in the screenshot below).

About Opera

Open Windows Explorer and search the copied paths of Opera Stable program folders. You can also manually locate these two program folders stored on your local hard drive.

Close your Opera browser and then delete all files and subfolders in two located Opera Stable program folders. Only this way Opera browser can be 100% cleaned from all traces of adware, browser redirects and fake error alerts.

We’ve provided two detailed screenshots for your convenience:

Profile folder

Delete Profile folder Opera

Cache folder

Delete Cache folder Opera


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