Reset Microsoft Edge

Reset Settings Microsoft Edge

You should restore your Microsoft Edge browser to default settings in order to get rid of browser redirects, pop up ads, fake error alerts and other malware. All of your stored bookmarks and passwords will stay safe.

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Launch your Microsoft Edge browser. Click Menu Main menu button Microsoft Edgeicon in the upper-right corner of the page. Go to the Settings option.

Main menu Microsoft Edge

Next, click Choose what to clear button to clear all browsing data.

Settings Microsoft Edge

Check all checkboxes in this window and then click Clear button.

Clear settings Microsoft Edge

Press the Windows logo key + X (or right-click on the Start button Windows 10) to open Start Menu. Select Task Manager option. Go to Processes tab and select Microsoft Edge line. Right-click on the found Microsoft Edge and select Go to details option in the properties window.

Task manager Microsoft Edge

Scroll the next window and locate MicrosoftEdge processes. Right-click on one of the MicrosoftEdge processes and select End task option.

End task Task manager Microsoft Edge

Click End process button in the confirmation window. Repeat this process and shut down any other running MicrosoftEdge processes in the Task Manager.

Confirm end process Microsoft Edge


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