Remove This Build of Windows 7 is Corrupted Tech Support Scam


“This Build of Windows 7 is Corrupted” is a tech support scam that tries to make you believe there’s something wrong with your copy of Windows 7. You’re told that a “Windows License Key Data File” was deleted and that’s exactly what caused the Windows to become corrupted. After that, you’re prompted to dial a (supposedly) toll-free number and get in touch with certified technicians that can help you solve all the issues, but be advised that you’re getting lied to here and that you shouldn’t make a call, no matter how desperate the situation seems. It’s not a solution to the problem and it only makes things worse.

The number isn’t really free and con artists behind this threat get revenue from you talking to them. The longer they’re able to keep you on the line, the more they’re able to earn, so you shouldn’t expect to hear anything useful from them. There’s also a possibility of them asking you to let the Remote Desktop Connection to the system be established and saying that things will return to normal faster that way. But you shouldn’t fall for this, as it only leads to you losing control over the PC and not being able to regain it unless the payment is transferred to cybercriminals responsible for this malware.

That’s why it needs to be removed and the faster this is done, the better. A program like Plumbytes Anti-Malware is perfect for this goal and all the instruction on how to use it can be found below the article. As soon as the computer is free from anything detrimental to it, protect it from being attacked again by reducing your visits to shady sources, only installing those browser extensions or plugins that you’re absolutely certain about, downloading files and torrents from trustworthy pages, and choosing a Custom method when installing new software.


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