Remove TBlocker Ransomware – Virus Removal Guide

TBlocker Ransomware Virus

TBlocker is a ransomware that was first discovered in February of 2018. It was developed to encrypt your data and ask to pay money for undoing the changes made to it, and that’s exactly what it starts doing once it manages to get inside your system. All of the compromised files become impossible to use as normal and there’s no way to return them to their previous state, as security researchers haven’t yet been successful in developing the decryption tool for it. Once all of your data has been encrypted, you are locked out of the computer and the following message is presented to you –


    Device blocked by TBlocker

     All your files have been encrypted with a key that we only have.

    If you want to retrieve the files pay by bitcoin to:

    [bitcoin wallet address redacted] the sum of $ 250.

    The system has been compromised, it is not possible to exit.

     Time Left: [Timer counts down the time]

     At the expiration of time all your files will be made public on the internet

    and the PC will be permanently locked.

Con artists behind this threat want you to think that the situation can’t be escaped, that you can only get out of it by giving your money to them. However, it’s not really the case and they can be beaten at their own game. To do that, download a program like Plumbytes first. This tool was specifically developed to combat different types of viruses, including this one and it can also be used to protect the PC going forward. All of the instructions on how to do that are posted below the article, so your efforts should eventually give you the desired result, even if it’s the first time you have to deal with something like this.

When TBlocker is gone from the system, your files can be recovered from backup. And when you’re through with that process, make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again. For that, you need to refrain from updating your software if the prompt to do that seems suspicious, limit your visits to dubious sources (there may be rootkits hosted on them), avoid clicking on links and advertisements that can be found on file-sharing services and adult sites, keep away from attachments that come with spam emails, and ensure that Plumbytes is always running and updated. Adhere to these steps and everything should be fine going forward.


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