How to Remove LockMe Ransomware Virus – Removal Guide

LockMe ransomware virus

LockMe is a ransomware which was first found by Michael Gillespie. It exists with a purpose of encrypting your data and asking to pay ransom for undoing the damage made to it and that process is initiated as soon as it’s successful in breaching the system. The “.lockme” extension gets appended to all of the compromised files and you aren’t able to use them as normal from that point on. It’s not known at the moment whether this threat employs asymmetric or symmetric algorithm to attack data and there’s no decryption tool available for it. The ransom note called “README_FOR_DECRYPT_YOUR_FILES.txt” is created as soon as the encryption process is finished and it’s put into your every folder. The text inside of it is presented in 54 languages (including Russian, French, and German) and the English portion gives you the following information –


All of your files have been Encrypted with military grade system and impossible to brute force, cracking, or reverse engineering it !

If you want all of your files back send me 0.03 BTC .

[+] Your Unique ID : [-]

[+] Send BTC To This Address : 1LockMeEPLr4ZRsoht8Wp6idBsT5TuBXtX

[+] Send BTC : 0.03 BTC

[+] Contact Email : [email protected] | [email protected]

*) Don’t try change the ‘.lockme’ extensions , if you change it , your all files can be broken and can’t be restored forever .

*) If you’ve made a payment contact [email protected] | [email protected] .

*) If you not made a payment all of your private files will be leaked on internet (private photos, documents, videos, and more) .

Question : How to buy Bitcoin ?

Answer : You can buy Bitcoin at this Website : , , , , , etc.

The situation may certainly seem hopeless at first sight – your files are locked, you can’t use them and it’s impossible to decrypt them. Still, there is a way out of this and we’re here to provide you with it. Start by installing a program such as Plumbytes. It’s a powerful tool that can be used to remove this virus from the computer and the instructions on how to do this can be found below the article.

As soon as you’re through with this, you can restore your data from backup. And when this process is over and done with, make sure to steer clear of shady sources (there may be rootkits hosted on them), refrain from clicking on links and advertisements hosted on file-sharing services and adult pages, don’t update your software if the prompt to do that gives you suspicions (especially Flash Player), don’t open the attachments that come with spam emails, and keep Plumbytes updated and running all the time. Doing all that should be enough to keep the PC guarded from ransomware.


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