Remove Egg Locked Ransomware Virus – Detailed Removal Steps

Egg Locked ransomware detailed removal

Egg Locked is a ransomware that was designed with a very specific goal in mind – encrypting your data and then demanding to pay money for reversing the changes made to it. Every attacked file gets the “.EGG” extension appended to it and it becomes impossible to use them as normal from that moment on. The threat was first discovered in March 2018 attacking users from Czech Republic and there’s a very serious possibility of it becoming widespread. There’s no decryption tool for it at the moment and it creates two ransom notes once it’s through with your data. One of them replaces the Desktop Wallpaper and goes like this –


Your files has been locked due evil

chicken, your only way to get them

back is pay for chicken killers.

Bitcoin address: [redacted]

Any tries to remove chicken will just damage your files.

Be carefully with your decisions.

The other one is called “EGG.txt” and the following message is contained inside of it –

Your Windows might not support this software


Chicken has just awoken!

Your pc has to pay for all files otherwise

small chicken is going to eat them all!

There is no way to kill chicken.

Your attack means her respond

Even though the situation might appear hopeless on the initial inspection, you shouldn’t let cybercriminals behind this virus trick you into that line of thinking. Download a program like Plumbytes Anti-Malware instead and delete Egg Locked with it, referring to a manual posted under the article in case you need any help. When this process is put behind it, recover your files from backup and prevent ransomware from infiltrating your PC again by adhering to certain guidelines.

It may certainly sound daunting at first, but there’s actually not that much required from your side. Only go to shady sources if you absolutely have to (they often play host to rootkits) and don’t click on links or advertisements that can be found on them. Also refrain from updating your software if the prompt for that seems suspicious and don’t open the attachments that come with spam emails. Plus, keep your copy of Plumbytes Anti-Malware updated and running all the time and you shouldn’t have any problems with threats like Egg Locked in the future. As you can see, the steps you need to follow for this are perfectly manageable.


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