How to Remove Browser Redirect – Removal Guide

20 Redirect is a browser redirect program which is identical to,,, and several others like this. It’s presented as a search engine that can provide you with an alternative to established names like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing and appears safe at first glance. But you shouldn’t fall for that trick, as letting this malware inside the system only leads to problems and makes your user experience much worse. Let’s now have a closer look at what happens here and why threats of this type should be avoided like a plague.

The most noticeable things are advertisements displayed inside your browser, redirects to and also having this address set as your homepage and New Tab page, without an ability to change it back. Your CPU and RAM get put under a tremendous strain, as the amount of ads is just too great, other search engines stop performing as they should (they mostly give you sponsored links instead of normal results) and your personal data (including passwords and credit card details) is collected and sent to different third parties.

The last part is especially dangerous, as it might result in your identity being stolen, but it still doesn’t mean it can’t be avoided. As a matter of fact, you only need to reduce your visits to dubious pages, install those browser extensions or plugins that you’re absolutely sure in, choose Custom installation when putting new software on the computer, and try downloading files and torrents exclusively from reputable sources that have been around for some time. Adhering to these guidelines firmly protects your PC from being compromised by browser redirect programs like


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