Redirect Virus

Remove Redirect Virus (Removal Guide) is a redirect virus that can affect both Windows and Android users. Problems start as soon as it gets inside either system - redirects to various pages begin to accompany...
Firefox-patch.js Virus

Remove Firefox-patch.js Virus (Adware Removal Guide)

Firefox-patch.js displays fake alerts, titled “Urgent Firefox Update”. But in reality it has no connection to a legit update message for Firefox. Firefox-patch.js is a kind of adware, which is not a... Redirect

How to Remove Browser Redirect Virus (Removal Guide) is a browser redirect program that disguises itself as an enhanced search engine. It promises better search results, but brings absolutely nothing good in reality and creates a lot of... Redirect

Remove Browser Redirect Virus (Removal Guide) is a browser hijacker that presents itself as an enhanced search engine. It looks harmless at first glance and, besides, it's always nice to have an alternative to established names...
Great Hippo Virus

Remove Great Hippo Adware Virus (Removal Guide)

Great Hippo is an adware that was specifically developed with a purpose of displaying advertisements inside the Internet browser. Unlike many other threats of this kind, it doesn't try to pass... Redirect

Remove Browser Redirect Virus (Removal Guide) is an interesting, but deceptive site endorsed by Bing and Yahoo. Its creators claim that it serves an admirable tropical forest protection cause and that Internet users contribute to it...
BandarChor Ransomware Virus

Remove BandarChor Ransomware Virus (Removal Guide)

BandarChor is a ransomware which is a modified version of CryptoLocker. It's distributed via spam emails in the form of an archive so, if you see the email which came from...
"You Are Today's Lucky Visitor" Scam

Remove “You Are Today’s Lucky Visitor” Scam Virus (Removal Guide)

"You Are Today's Lucky Visitor" is a scam message which tries to deceive you into thinking that you have a chance of winning an Amazon gift card. Not just any card...
Windows Activation Pro Rogue Virus

Remove Windows Activation Pro Rogue (Removal Guide)

Windows Activation Pro is a rogueware that locks you out from the computer and then says that malware has been found and you need to enter the Windows Activation Key. You're... Image

Remove Virus (Adware Removal Guide) is an adware that promises to give you various kinds of tools to make your Internet browsing more comfortable. It does the opposite in reality - your browser is infested...