OurMine hackers attack Sony PlayStation Network social network accounts


On Sunday, August 20, a cyber-crime group from Saudi Arabia named OurMine managed to hack Sony PlayStation Network’s (PSN) social network accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Once the hackers seized control of the PSN’s Twitter account with more than 14.6 million subscribers, they published a message urging Sony staff to contact them through their website in order to buy their anti-cyberattack service.

OurMine cyber-criminals also stated that they managed to get access to the PSN’s database. However, the group promised not to make the database public, since the OurMine hackers position themselves as a “security group”. The same messages were posted on the PSN’s Facebook page.

It’s still unknown if the OurMine group really hacked the PSN database, or the cybercriminals were just trying to frighten Sony and the company’s customers. Probably, OurMine group used passwords that have been stolen as a result of earlier successful attacks on MySpace and LinkedIn networks. Meanwhile, Sony staff has already restored access to compromised PSN accounts.

On August 17, OurMine group hacked Twitter and Facebook social network accounts of the HBO television channel.


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