OSHI Defender Antimalware Solution


OSHI Defender is an effective anti-virus solution providing real-time cloud-based malware protection.

OSHI Defender developed and launched in 2013 by international IT company OSHI Software based in Hong Kong.

OSHI Defender has proved its high effectiveness against adware, browser hijackers, malware and ransomware.


OSHI Defender Benefits

– Quick installation in 2 minutes
– Good-looking and easy to navigate interface
– High adware & malware detection rates
– Low CPU and RAM usage
– On-time automatic updates
– Secure DNS function
– Real-time background PC protection
– Cloud scanning option
– Scan scheduler available
– Friendly customer support

OSHI Defender
OSHI Defender

OSHI Defender Features

Scan schedule

With OSHI Defender you can run system scan manually when you need it. But you can also set up a schedule, and the software utility will automatically perform system scans on a daily basis.

Automatic updates

OSHI Defender is automatically updated to ensure on-time protection. Cloud-based advanced scanning technology allows OSHI Defender to achieve high malware detection rates.

Secure DNS

Secure DNS option protects you against phishing and scam websites, stops worms and rootkits’ activity. OSHI Defender will constantly monitor and control your network activity to protect your PC against network attacks and exploitation.

User-friendly interface

OSHI Defender installation is very simple even for inexperienced PC-users. The program interface is logic, minimalist, intuitive and easy to navigate.


You can add any files and folders to Exclusions list, and OSHI Defender will not scan
excluded files next time.

System requirements

30 MB RAM or higher

12 MB Hard Disk

Limitations in the unregistered version

Subscription purchase is required to remove detected threats. You can get a fully-functional version of OSHI Defender for 3 PC’s for just $39.99.

OSHI Defender Installation

The installation process of OSHI Defender anti-malware solution is very quick and easy.

1. Download the installation package and run the downloaded .exe file

OSHI Defender Installation
OSHI Defender Installation

2. Installation process is hassle-free and takes just 2 minutes to complete.

OSHI Defender Installation
OSHI Defender Installation

System Scan

  1. Once installed, OSHI Defender will automatically start the system scan to detect all viruses and security threats on your computer.
OSHI Defender Scan
OSHI Defender Scan

2. Full system scan usually takes up to 10 minutes depending on your system. Once completed, you will see high-level, medium-level and low-level threats detected on your PC.

OSHI Defender Scan
Detected Threats

3. You will need to purchase OSHI Defender software license key to fix and remove all detected threats.

4. Once you click “Fix Now” button, your PC will be cleared from all the detected malware, adware and spyware.

Oshi Defender

7. OSHI Defender will continue to monitor virus activity and to protect your computer in real-time.


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