New nRansomware demands nude photos instead of ransom payment


Security researchers at MalwareHunterTeam have discovered a new strange variant of ransomware virus, called nRansom. This ransomware blocks victims’ PCs, but instead of requiring a Bitcoin payment to unlock the computer, it demands to provide nude photos.

nRansom isn’t able to encrypt any personal files on victim’s computer – it just locks the user’s home screen.

“Your computer has been locked. You can only unlock it with the special unlock code. After we reply, you must send at least 10 nude pictures of you. After that we will have to verify that the nudes belong to you,” the ransom note says.

The message is displayed on top of a lock screen with a tiled background picture of cartoon character Thomas The Tank engine. It also starts to play a looped MP3 file called “your-mom-gay,” which plays the theme music from HBO’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’. nRansomware creators state that they will somehow verify those nudes photos really belong to you before sending the unlock code.

If your computer infected with nRansom virus, you can simply minimize the screen and just eliminate the nRansom.exe process in your Task Manager.


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