New Botnet Attacks Financial Services Companies


Security researchers at Recorded Future cyber threat intelligence provider have discovered a new powerful botnet consisting of Internet TV boxes, web cameras and web routers. Three financial services companies already failed victims of the discovered botnet.

According to the researchers, the botnet, which is being referred to as IoTroop, currently used to perform DDoS attacks on financial companies. The scale of recent cyberattacks was the largest since the Mirai botnet attacks which had taken place in September 2016.

This botnet consists of more than 13,000 infected devices, and each of them has an unique IP-address.

Most of the compromised devices are web routers manufactured by the Latvian network hardware provider MikroTik. Cyber criminals use the throughput testing function of compromised web routers in order to perform their attacks. Most of the infected devices were found in Russia, Brazil and Ukraine.

According to the report, at least one of the affected companies was forced to temporarily suspend its services, but the degree of damage is still unknown.

The researchers did not publish the names of botnet’s victims, but confirmed that those companies are ranked in the Fortune top 500 companies list. It’s still unknown who is behind the DDoS attacks.


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