Italian Bank UniCredit Says Hackers Get Data on 400,000 Clients


Italy’s largest bank – Unicredit – says the financial organization has faced two hacker attacks and accounts of more than 400,000 customers in Italy have been hacked.

The bank says that the first hacking incident occurred in September-October 2016, and the second – in June-July 2017. Hackers could get access to the personal information of the bank’s clients, including names and birthdates, and to the international bank account numbers (IBAN). However, cyber criminals failed to obtain passwords to client accounts, so there were no unauthorized transactions.

“UniCredit has launched an audit and has informed all the relevant authorities. In the morning, UniCredit will also file a claim with the Milan Prosecutor’s office. The bank has also taken immediate remedial action to close this breach.,” said bank in a press release.


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