How to Restore Previous Versions of a File

Restore Previous Versions Windows 7

You can try using Windows Previous Versions feature to recover personal files or documents encrypted by ransomware virus. However, this recovery method is only effective if the System Restore option was enabled on your Windows OS before the virus infiltration. Note that some versions of ransomware are known to remove Shadow Volume Copies of files, so this method may not work on all computers.

Our short video guide shows how to restore your files or folders using Windows Previous Versions feature.

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How to Restore a Previous Version of a File:

1. For example, go to Local Disc (C:) –> Users –> YourName (your Username). Right-click My Documents folder and select Restore previous versions feature.

Restore previous versions Windows 7

Or right-click My Documents folder, go into Properties and select Restore previous versions tab.

Folder properties Windows 7

2. Select a restore point with the date prior to malware infection and click Restore button.

My documents properties Windows 7

3. Click Restore button in the confirmation window.

Previous versions restore Windows 7


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