How to Remove MauriGo Ransomware – Detailed Removal Guide

MauriGo ransomware removal

MauriGo is a ransomware that was first discovered in March 2018. It exists to encrypt data and try to force you to pay money for undoing the damage done to it, and this process is launched immediately after the threat is successful in making its way inside the system. An AES-256 algorithm is employed by it and all the files affected become impossible to use. Those include .mp3, .doc, .jpg, .txt, and others, so you can’t just ignore the problem. And once all of the targeted data has been encrypted, a ransom note called “READ_TO_DECRYPT.txt” is created and put on the Desktop, as well as in most of the folders. The following message can be found inside of it –

    The important files on your computer have been encrypted with military-grade AES-256 bit encryption.

Your documents, videos, images and other forms of data are now inaccessible, and cannot be unlocked without the decryption key.


This key is currently being stored on a remote server.

To acquire this key, please follow the instructions below before the time runs out. ([RANDOM DATE] – you have 7 days)


Prices to recover yoor files from :

1 machine on your network : 0.7 BTC

Half machines on your network (randomly chosen): 2.6 BTC

All machines on your network : 5 BTC

The BTC must be sent to this address : 19CMTC6U9KMHAn34iKXvofkA2ulNMcd823

Your hostname : [YOUR DEVICE NAME]

Your identification number (it is the same for all PC encrypted on your network): ***

After you’ve send payment to our address, please go to our website (via normal browser):




If it doesn’t work please download Tor Browser on their official page and use this link instead: xxxx://ldqu4hxg2gx6af7j[.]onion/id/***


Once on the website, leave a simple comment to warn us.

After that we will reply with your decryption key(s) as soon as possible.

To demonstrate our sincerity, you can upload 2 encrypted file on the website and we will decrypt it.

Also please understand that we don’t want to taint the reliability of your business. Make a reasonable choice.

Note that if you fail to take action within this time window (7 days), the decryption key will be destroyed and access to your files will be

permanently lost.


Where to buy bitcoins (BTC) ?


Bitcoin is a popular crypto-currency. We advise you to buy coins on because of its speed and anonymity. You will can pay with Western Union. Wire Transfer…

Of course, there are many other ways to get bitcoins (ex: Coinbase), simply type on google “how to buy bitcoins.”

Cybercriminals responsible for the virus do their best to make you think that the situation can only be escaped if you pay money to them, but there’s actually another way out of it. Install a program like SpyHunter first and then use it to eliminate MauriGo from the PC. Refer to a manual posted under the article in case you need any help and your efforts should eventually bring you the results you need. As soon as they do, recover your files from backup and prevent something like this from happening again by adhering to certain guidelines going forward.

For starters, don’t install updates for your software if the prompt for that looks off and don’t open the attachments that come with spam emails. Reduce the amount of visits to shady sources, as you never know what might be waiting for you on them. Refrain from clicking on links or advertisements hosted on file-sharing services and XXX sites, keep SpyHunter updated and running all the time, and it should be enough to guard the computer and save you from having to waste your time on solving unnecessary problems.


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