How to Remove Insta Ransomware – Virus Removal Guide


Insta is a ransomware which is a new version of Stroman that first emerged in 2018. It was developed to encrypt your data and demand money for undoing the damage done to it, and the “.insta” extension gets appended to each of the affected files. They basically become useless once that happens and then stay that way unless you make a payment to cybercriminals behind this threat – there’s currently no decryption tool available for it. The encryption algorithm the virus uses is also not known at the moment, so things may appear bleak on the initial extension. The ransom note with the name of “filesinfo.txt” is created once all of your data is encrypted and the following text can be found inside of it –

Your data set are encrypted.


All files with .insta extension are encrypted.


We can help decrypted files.


You will get decrypt soft + personal key(for your personal id) + manual.


For you to be sure, that we can decrypt your files


You can send us 1-2 encrypted files and we will send back it in a decrypt format FREE.


For download files use only dropmefiles[.]com not more then 10 Mb

Cybercriminals responsible for Insta try to make it seem like you can only return things back to normal if you deal with them, but that’s not the only way out here. You can also invest your money into a program like Plumbytes Anti-Malware and then use it to eliminate this ransomware from the system. A manual with all the necessary instructions is provided below the article, so you can refer to it if you run into any difficulties. Once the removal process is put behind you, it becomes possible to recover your files using backup. And when you’re through with this, make sure to prevent situations of that type from unfolding again.

To do that, limit your visits to fishy sources and don’t install updates for your software if they seem off in any way. Don’t open the attachments that come with spam emails, don’t click on links or advertisements hosted on file-sharing services or adult sites, keep Plumbytes Anti-Malware updated and running all the time and everything should be fine going forward.


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