Hackers steal 9 millions of Steam game activation keys


The site DLH.net, one of largest gaming communities on the web, was hacked by an unnamed cybercrime on July 31. A known vulnerability detected in older vBulletin forum software allowed the hacker to access the full databases of DLH.net.


The personal data stolen from the forum includes full names, usernames, email addresses, passwords, Steam gaming platform usernames, and over nine million redeemable game keys. Also for those users who signed in with their Facebook account had their FB access tokens stolen.

The members of LeakedSource.com site, who received a copy of the stolen database, confirmed that around 84% of stolen MD5 and SHA-1 passwords have been decoded using well-known cracking tools. Steam platform has already blocked a large number of digital keys, but many still remain valid.

Steam Keys

DLH.net denied that the website had been hacked

Meanwhile, DLH.net site’s spokesperson Dirk Hassinger denied that the website had been hacked. “We checked our server log files and did not find any unusual activity within the past four weeks,” he said.


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