CTB-Locker, Locky and TeslaCrypt – Top 3 Most Active Ransomware in 2016


Kaspersky Lab had released a great Security Bulletin providing overall virus statistics for 2016, including detailed report regarding evolving ransomware threats. Last year we saw a huge ransomware grow in quantity and diversity. Ransomware families have become more targeted, they started to exploit new infection paths and to offer ransomware-as-a-service solutions to attackers and hackers with fewer skills or resources.

In 2016 the cyber security world had faced CryptXXX, Locky, Cerber and more than 44,000 other new ransomware modifications.

Locky and Cerber ransomware first arrived in the early spring. These viruses are typically spreaded using widescale email spam campaigns and exploit kids. Not far behind them was CryptXXX ransomware. All three families continue to evolve and infect personal and business computers alongside with well-established ransomware like CTB-Locker, Crysis, Shade and CryptoWall.

Below you can see the top ransomware families detected by Kaspersky Lab anti-virus products at the end of 2016:

* These statistics are based on the detection rates returned by Kaspersky Lab anti-virus products.
** Percentage of computers infected by a certain ransomware relative to all computers infected with ransomware.


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