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Trojan, or Trojan Horse, is any malicious program which can be used by hackers to gain remote access to a computer system by misleading users of its true intent.

Vorox.exe Virus

Remove Vorox.exe Virus (Removal Guide)

Vorox.exe is a Trojan that was created to put malware on your computer, including browser redirect programs and adware. These threats are developed with a purpose of monetizing web traffic and...
Trojan.Clampi Virus

Trojan.Clampi Virus Remove (Detailed Removal Guide) – Update August 2017

Trojan.Clampi (that can also appear as Clampi Trojan) is a Trojan that targets Windows computers and is mainly used to steal financial data and personal information from market research companies, online...
Conhost.exe Virus

Conhost.exe Virus Remove (Removal Guide) – Update August 2017

Conhost.exe is a medium level danger Trojan virus that actually is represented by an executable file able to damage your PC. It is convicted of disguise: earlier Conhost used to be an...
Iusb3mon.exe Virus

Remove Iusb3mon.exe Virus (Removal Guide) – Update August 2017

Iusb3mon.exe is a virus that was designed to infect your computer with different types of malware, including browser redirect programs, adware, and PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). These kinds of threats are...
Default IME Trojan

Remove Default IME Virus (Removal Guide) – Update August 2017

Default IME is a Trojan that was developed to encrypt data and then demand money to return it to its original state and make it usable again. It starts scanning the...
Rootkit.fileless.mtgen Virus

Remove Rootkit.fileless.mtgen Virus (Removal Guide) – Update August 2017

Rootkit.fileless.mtgen is a virus that makes your computer vulnerable to different types of malware - for example, browser redirect programs, adware, and PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Threats of this kind are...
Lsmosee.exe Trojan

Remove Lsmosee.exe Virus (Removal Guide)

Lsmosee.exe is a Trojan that has been created with a purpose of putting additional malware on your computer. It includes browser redirect programs and adware, and its goal are simple -...