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Hackers and rogue software developers create and spread fake pop-up messages claiming that you have a virus, you need to update Flash Player or other software, or you need to clean Windows registry on your computer. Annoying fake "warning message" or "security alert" will be inviting you to call their paid tech support service, download rogue security software or visit a compromised infected website. Never click on such pop-up alerts and warning messages! Simply install a legitimate anti-virus software to scan your PC for viruses or follow one of our step-by-step guides to manually remove this scareware from your computer.

888-727-1127 Fake Alert Pop-Ups

Remove 888-727-1127 Microsoft Pop-Up Alert Virus

There're a lot of threats on the Internet. Most of them are created with a purpose of enriching their developers at your expense and there're various methods used to trick you...
1-855-337-0031 Fake Alert Pop-Ups

Remove 1-855-337-0031 Fake Microsoft Pop-Ups

The Internet can provide you with a lot of useful things and information, but it can also be dangerous to the safety of your system. Con artists are never far behind...
855-256-0520 Fake Alert Pop-Ups

Remove 855-256-0520 Microsoft Pop-Up Alert Virus

The Internet can give you a lot, but it can also make your user experience much worse. Con artists, unfortunately, never pass the chance to make a few extra dollars, that's...
844-788-1973 Fake Alert Pop-Ups

Remove 844-788-1973 Fake Microsoft Pop-Ups

There's a wide array of threats that your computer can get infected with - browser redirect programs, adware, ransomware, and more. In some cases, it gets compromised with a scam alert....
"Firewall detecting 'suspicious' incoming network connections" Fake Alert Pop-Ups

Remove “Firewall detecting ‘suspicious’ incoming network connections” Scam Pop-Up

"Firewall detecting 'suspicious' incoming network connections" is a scam alert created to bring profits to people responsible for it. It says that your computer has been locked, but there's nothing actually...
"The 'Roboto Condensed' font was not found" Scam Pop-Ups

Remove “The ‘Roboto Condensed’ font was not found” Scam Pop-Up

"The 'Roboto Condensed' font was not found" is a scam alert developed to earn money off you. There's nothing else to it - absolutely nothing. Sure, it says that the web...
"Google Chrome Warning Alert" Scam Alert Pop-Up

Remove “Google Chrome Warning Alert” Scam Alert Pop-Up

"Google Chrome Warning Alert" is a scam alert created to make money off you. There's nothing else to it - simple as that. Sure, it says that pornographic spyware has been...