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Hackers and rogue software developers create and spread fake pop-up messages claiming that you have a virus, you need to update Flash Player or other software, or you need to clean Windows registry on your computer. Annoying fake "warning message" or "security alert" will be inviting you to call their paid tech support service, download rogue security software or visit a compromised infected website. Never click on such pop-up alerts and warning messages! Simply install a legitimate anti-virus software to scan your PC for viruses or follow one of our step-by-step guides to manually remove this scareware from your computer.

"Call Technical Support Immediately" Scam Pop-Up

“Call Technical Support Immediately” Virus Remove – Update July 2017

"Call Technical Support Immediately" is a scareware which locks the screen of your computer and then tells you that there's something horribly wrong with it. And there's only one possible solution...
"Your PC Ran Into A Problem" Scam

Remove “Your PC Ran Into A Problem” Virus (Removal Guide) – Update July 2017

"Your PC Ran Into A Problem" is a scareware that locks you out of the computer and then shows a message telling you that your PC is going to restart soon....
"Warning - Your Computer Is Infected!" Scam Pop-Up

“Warning – Your Computer Is Infected!” Virus Remove (Removal Guide)

"Warning - Your Computer Is Infected!" is a scam alert created to make money off you. Its methods are quite simple - as soon as your system gets compromised with a...
Safe.scanpc.online Scam Pop-Up_cr

Safe.scanpc.online Scam Pop-Up Remove (Removal Guide) – Update July 2017

Safe.scanpc.online is a piece of software which offers you to scan your computer for any possible problems. But here lies the ultimate irony - it brings more trouble to your PC....
Mypcsecurityreviews.online Scam Pop-Up

Mypcsecurityreviews.online Scam Remove (Virus Removal Guide) – Update July 2017

Mypcsecurityreviews.online is a scam error message which appears on the screen because of your computer having a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) on it. The message itself says that there's something horribly...
"Windows Firewall Blocked The Internet" Scam

“Windows Firewall Blocked The Internet” Scam Remove (Removal Guide)

"Windows Firewall Blocked The Internet" is a scam alert developed to make money off you. It may sound overly simplistic, but that's exactly what it is. Once your system gets compromised...
"Windows Firewall Blocked The Internet Due To Security Breach" Scam Pop-Up

“Windows Firewall Blocked The Internet Due To Security Breach” Virus Remove (Removal Guide)

"Windows Firewall Blocked The Internet Due To Security Breach" is a scam alert created to earn money off you. Once your computer gets infected by a certain Trojan, you're provided with...