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Rogueware is the name given to rogue antivirus, registry cleaner or PC tune-up programs that claim to detect and fix security threats or performance problems on your computer. Rogueware programs often look like legitimate software, but they are specifically designed to convince users to pay for fake software license or for fake upgrades. Many inexperienced PC users get scared by fake security alerts or fake error warnings which trick them into thinking that their computers are at risk. You should never pay for such rogue programs - immediately remove them from your PC.

WinThruster Rogue Scan Completed

WinThruster Rogue Remove (Removal Guide)

WinThruster is a rogue security program disguising itself as a very useful application that can make your computer faster and use it to an absolute fullest. You're offered a free scan,...
BitOptimizer Rogue

BitOptimizer Rogue Remove (Removal Guide)

BitOptimizer is a rogue optimization program that presents itself as a tool that can help you optimize the performance of your computer. It offers you a free scan and, once it's...
WinRepair Pro Rogue Scan Results

Remove WinRepair Pro Rogue (Virus Removal Guide) – June 2017

WinRepair Pro is a rogue security program that exists to make money off you. It presents itself as a tool that can be used to find various problems on your computer,...
BoostMyPC Rogue Scan Results

Remove BoostMyPC Rogue (Removal Guide) – Update June 2017

BoostMyPC is a rogue security program which, supposedly, was created to let you enjoy a faster PC. In reality, however, it exists to generate profits for its developers. Everything else is...
DriverAgent Plus Rogue Scan

Remove DriverAgent Plus Rogue (Removal Guide) – Update June 2017

DriverAgent Plus is rogue software that performs activities of fake optimizer on targeted PC. Developed by eSupport.com, Inc., it supposed to be useful tool for scanning computer in order to check...
Smart Registry Care or SmartRegistryCare Rogue Scan

Remove Smart Registry Care Rogue (Removal Guide) – June 2017

Smart Registry Care (or SmartRegistryCare) is a rogue security program that was developed to try and extort money from you. It's presented as a useful tool that can improve your computer's...
Advanced PC Care Rogue Scan Results

Advanced PC Care Rogue – How to Remove? (Removal Guide) – May 2017

Advanced PC Care (which can also appear under a name of AdvancedPCCare.net) is a rogue security program that was developed to enrich its creators and nothing more. It's masqueraded as a...