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Ransomware is a dangerous type of malware that infects computer as a Trojan and prevents or limits access to the system by locking the users' files or by locking the desktop screen. Ransomware is designed by hackers to demand payment for the key that can unlock the blocked PC or decrypt the blocked files. Ransom is typically paid in Bitcoin or other digital currencies that are not public and traceable.

BOK Ransomware Note

Remove BOK Ransomware Virus (Removal Guide) – Update July 2017

BOK is a type of virus that can be better described as “ransomware”. It is a harmful malware which encrypts files. BOK ransomware makes all files blocked for users and adds...

Coffee Machine Infected European Enterprise Network with Ransomware

Computer network of a European petrochemical plant had been infected with ransomware virus due to the vulnerable coffee machine which was connected to the local network of enterprise’s dispatch center. This...
Al-Namrood Ransomware Virus

Al-Namrood Ransomware Remove (Virus Removal Guide) – Update July 2017

Al-Namrood is a ransomware and it's considered very dangerous. This software uses AES cryptography to encrypt your files and make them unusable. There's two versions of Al-Namrood in existence. They're pretty...
LoveServer Ransomware Virus Note

Remove LoveServer Ransomware Virus (Removal Guide) – Update July 2017

LoveServer is a ransomware which, supposedly, uses TrueCrypt as its foundation. What makes it really curious is that it doesn't just encrypt files and demands a ransom after the fact. No,...
CyberSplitter 2.0 Ransomware Virus Note

Remove CyberSplitter 2.0 Ransomware Virus (Removal Guide) – Update July 2017

CyberSplitter 2.0 is a ransomware which is an updated version of Cyber SpLiTTer Vbs. It didn't have an impact that its creators hoped it would but it didn't stop them from...
Kraken Ransomware Virus Note

Remove Kraken Ransomware Virus (Removal Guide) – Update July 2017

Kraken is a ransomware which is distributed through spam emails, corrupted links and also compromised sites that download an executable file with a double extension onto the computer. No matter what...
FLKR Ransomware Virus Note

Remove FLKR Ransomware Virus (Removal Guide) – Update July 2017

FLKR is a ransomware which uses a 522-bit Blowfish cipher to encrypt data. It targets a lot of popular file types, including .pdf, .jpg and .docx and the affected data is...