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Potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) are usually installed legitimately as a part of another program, but often contain adware or spyware, install ad-supported toolbars or have other unclear objectives. PUPs may compromise privacy or weaken your computer's security.

Msiql.exe Malware

Msiql.exe Virus Remove (Removal Guide)

Msiql.exe is a virus that was created with a purpose of putting adware on your computer. These types of threats exist to fill your Internet browser with advertisements, generate traffic from...
Window Management PUP

Remove Window Management (Virus Removal Guide) – Update June 2017

Window Management is one of the potentially unwanted programs which gets into computer to annoy users with many notifications and pop-up windows. You would be advised to update some programs because...
APNToolbar Malware

Remove APNToolbar Virus (Removal Guide) | Update June 2017

APNToolbar is a software that performs malicious actions after being installed on the PC. It may get there without the users knowledge because there will not be any notifications during the...
Vulkaninfo 32 Virus

Remove Vulkaninfo 32 Virus (Removal Guide) – Update June 2017

Vulkaninfo.exe is an application that can usually be discovered in the C:Program Files folder in the system of your computer. It is as a rule installed during the driver updates by...
igfxpers.exe Virus

igfxpers.exe Error – How to Remove? (Removal Guide) – Update June 2017

Many users are interested what is igfxpers.exe? Is it legal file or virus? Should it be removed or not? Let us get all this straightened out. Firstly, igfxpers.exe is a product...
NvTmru.exe Virus

Remove NvTmru.exe – How to? (PUP Removal Guide) – Update June 2017

When you notice NvTmru.exe process – don’t be afraid because it is known as standard process of Windows OS. Nonetheless, your fears about this exe-file can be not idle at all....
abDocsDllLoader.exe Virus

Remove abDocsDllLoader.exe Virus (Removal Guide) – Update June 2017

Of one the not very important executable Windows file. Yet this file launches every time you boot computer and is located in Program File folder. abDocsDllLoader.exe by Acer Incorporated is one of...