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A browser hijacker is a type of adware that modifies your browser settings without your permission, so that you're automatically redirected to the hijacker's website or to third-party advertising websites. Browser hijacker can change your default search engine and home page, or you may get a lot of annoying pop-up ads.

Rack-search.com Redirect

Remove Rack-search.com Redirect (Virus Removal Guide)

Rack-search.com is a browser redirect program designed with a purpose of displaying advertisements and generating web traffic from them. They're shown inside your Internet browser and it becomes possible due to...

Remove Strongpasswordsearch.com Redirect (Removal Guide)

Strongpasswordsearch.com is a browser redirect program presented as a search engine. Not just any search engine - the one that can help you get premium results and is also equipped with...
Videoconvertsearch.com Hijacker

Remove Videoconvertsearch.com Redirect (Removal Guide)

Videoconvertsearch.com is a browser redirect program looking like a search engine. It also allows you to convert audio and video files, and comes absolutely free. But don't allow this to trick...
Startwebsearch.com Redirect

Startwebsearch.com Redirect Remove (Virus Removal Guide)

Startwebsearch.com is a browser redirect program created to show advertisements and generate web traffic of them. This is what allows its developers to make revenue and they do so at the...
Webofsearch.com Redirect

Remove Webofsearch.com Redirect (Virus Removal Guide)

Webofsearch.com is a browser redirect program that tries to pass as something that it's not - a reputable search engine that can give you better results. It's a lie and a...
Mystartsearch.com Redirect

Mystartsearch.com Redirect Remove (Virus Removal Guide)

Mystartsearch.com is a browser redirect program with an appearance of a search engine. It promises to provide you with enhanced results and also gives you quick links to popular sites like...
Zipfilesearch.com Redirect

Zipfilesearch.com Redirect Remove (Virus Removal Guide)

Zipfilesearch.com is a browser redirect program with a look of an enhanced search engine. It's also equipped with a tool that allows you to zip and unzip files, and it's offered...