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A browser hijacker is a type of adware that modifies your browser settings without your permission, so that you're automatically redirected to the hijacker's website or to third-party advertising websites. Browser hijacker can change your default search engine and home page, or you may get a lot of annoying pop-up ads.

Fast-search.info Browser Hijacker Snapshot

Fast-search.info Browser Hijacker. How to Remove? – Update Sep 2017

Fast-search.info may look like something that you really need but it's actually something you need to stay as far away from as you possibly can - a browser hijacker. It doesn't...
Searchudak.com Browser Redirect Virus

Remove Searchudak.com Redirect (Virus Removal Guide) – Update Sep 2017

The creators of Searchudak.com claim that the website is a normal searching engine working according to the same principles as Bing or Google, for example. It is promised that Searchudak.com shows...
Web-starter.biz Redirect Virus Start Page

How to Remove Web-starter.biz Browser Redirect? (Removal Guide) – Update Sep 2017

Web-starter.biz itself is not as dangerous as many other viruses. Basically, it is just a searching program. What makes it malicious is the outcome it produces. Such web-browser hijacker as web-starter.biz...
Yourgoo.online Search Redirect Virus

Remove Yourgoo.online Browser Redirect (Uninstall Guide) – Update Sep 2017

Yourgoo.online is a rogue and destructive search engine that looks like other normal genuine engines. But in fact this is an adware that redirects your browser and will never help you...
SafeSearch1.ru Browser Redirect Virus

How to Get Rid of SafeSearch1.ru Browser Redirect? (Removal Guide) – Update Sep 2017

Safesearch1.ru is a hazardous infection for PC. It is known as a hyped-up search engine that includes capabilities to control all popular browser applications such as IT, Google chrome, Firefox, Safari,...
ChromeStart2.ru Redirect Virus Web Page

ChromeStart2.ru Browser Redirect. How to Remove? – Update Sep 2017

ChromeStart2.ru is a malicious browser hijacker that displays targeted advertisements and other content on the results page of your browser when you try to search for something. The hijacker modifies your...
Newsearch2016.com Browser Hijacker Snapshot

Newsearch2016.com Browser Hijacker Removal Instructions

Newsearch2016.com is a browser hijacker which replaces your default search engine. It can affect any of the popular browsers so be aware that you're in danger whether you use Opera, Chrome,...