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Adware is the name given to malicious software that is designed to display unwanted advertisements on your computer when you’re online. Once installed on the PC, adware starts to display pop-up ads, banner ads or contextual ads for promoting related party websites. Adware can also collect your various personal information, including marketing-type data, your e-mail address, browsing history, and other sensitive information without your knowledge. Adware program will be updating itself via the Internet without your permission to install additional components, browser tollbars or unwanted third-party software.

Firefox-Patch.exe Virus

Firefox-Patch.exe Pop-up Virus. How to Remove? (Removal Guide) – May 2017

If your Internet browser is regularly being rerouted to an irritating Firefox-patch.exe website and a fake “Urgent Firefox Update” or “Critical Firefox Update” pop-up constantly appears, then it is very likely...
FirePlayer Adware

Remove FirePlayer Adware (Virus Removal Guide)

FirePlayer is an adware presented as an application that lets you play various kinds of media in an HD format. It may seem legitimate at first, but, unfortunately, it was mainly...
Dingit.tv Adware

Remove Dingit.tv Adware Virus (Removal Guide) – Update May 2017

Dingit.tv is a name of annoying adware application. Many users complain that their PC`s were attacked with pop-up ads of Dingit.tv lately. All of them had problems with detecting the infection...
FileRepMetagen [Adw] Adware

Remove FileRepMetagen [Adw] Adware Virus (Removal Guide) – May 2017

FileRepMetagen is classified by cyber security researchers as a PUP (potentially unwanted program). Such programs typically contain adware, install toolbars, extensions and add-ons or have other fishy goals. FileRepMetagen in all likelihood...
UpdaterEx Adware

Remove UpdaterEx Adware Virus (Removal Guide) – May 2017

UpdaterEx is a browser extension that provides you with all kinds of coupons and helps save money. Moreover, it gives you information about giveaways, deals, and allows you to find the...
AA.js Pop-up Adware

Remove AA.js Pop-Up Adware (Virus Removal Guide) – May 2017

AA.js is a Pop-Up adware that, true to its classification, causes Pop-Up windows to appear on every site that you go to and gives you all kinds of offers - get...
ScreenUp Adware

Remove ScreenUp Virus (Adware Removal Guide) – May 2017

ScreenUp is an adware which is presented as a tool that you can use to take screenshots and share them on the Internet. But this functionality plays second fiddle to its...
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