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Adware is the name given to malicious software that is designed to display unwanted advertisements on your computer when you’re online. Once installed on the PC, adware starts to display pop-up ads, banner ads or contextual ads for promoting related party websites. Adware can also collect your various personal information, including marketing-type data, your e-mail address, browsing history, and other sensitive information without your knowledge. Adware program will be updating itself via the Internet without your permission to install additional components, browser tollbars or unwanted third-party software.

SmileBox Ads

SmileBox Pop-Up Ads Removal Guide (Detailed Instructions) – Update Sep 2017

Smilebox is a well-known application which allows you to create scrapbooks, slide shows and collages. It's not a virus or malware in a traditional sense but people behind Smilebox use methods...
Iminent Toolbar Ads

How to Remove Iminent Toolbar Ads? – Update Sep 2017

Iminent Toolbar is advertised as something that's going to let you use different kinds if emoticons and animations for emails, social networks and forums. This may seem like something that's good...
Gameo Ads

Get Rid of Gameo Ads Effectively. How to? (Removal Guide) – Update Sep 2017

Gameo is promoted as something that can help you have a good time by playing a lot of free and addictive games. Absolutely for free, mind you. This deal appears too...
iLivid Adware

iLivid Ads Removal Instructions – Update Sep 2017

iLivid is an adware which is created specifically for displaying advertisements inside your Internet browser. Any of them can get affected, so it doesn't matter which one you use - Chrome,...
Jimdo.com Browser Hijacker

How to Remove Jimdo.com Adware? (Virus Removal Guide) – Update Sep 2017

Jimdo.com is annoying but not harmful program that modifies setting of your browser (search engine, homepage). It is made to promote sponsored content, products and services by displaying a lot of...
GetFormsOnline Adware and Redirect

How to Get Rid of GetFormsOnline Adware? (Removal Guide) – Update Sep 2017

GetFormsOnline is a browser redirect and adware which is disguised as a program that lets you access different application forms - for example, for healthcare and visa applications. But you should know...
Open Download Manager Adware Snapshot

How to Get Rid of Open Download Manager Pop-Up Ads? (Removal Guide)

Open Download Manager is an application which is supposed to give you lighting fast downloads. It may appear somewhat legitimate but you're actually dealing with a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) here....