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Adware is the name given to malicious software that is designed to display unwanted advertisements on your computer when you’re online. Once installed on the PC, adware starts to display pop-up ads, banner ads or contextual ads for promoting related party websites. Adware can also collect your various personal information, including marketing-type data, your e-mail address, browsing history, and other sensitive information without your knowledge. Adware program will be updating itself via the Internet without your permission to install additional components, browser tollbars or unwanted third-party software.

Chaturbate.com Adware

Remove Chaturbate.com Adware Virus (Uninstall Guide)

Chaturbate.com is a Pop-Up adware which exists to show advertisements inside your Internet browser and generate web traffic from them - hence the classification. This isn't just done to annoy you,...
Yumworks Adware

Yumworks Adware Virus Remove (Removal Guide)

Yumworks is an adware presented as a site that lets you play all kinds of casual games. It may seem like great entertainment at first sight, but don't let yourself be...
Gateway TrueTest in Mini

Remove Gateway TrueTest Adware Virus (Removal Guide)

Gateway TrueTest (or Gateway TrueTest in mini) is an adware existing to show advertisements inside your Internet browser. It doesn't do this to simply annoy you - people that created it...
Innovia Secure Shopping Adware Extension in Chrome Extensions List

Innovia Secure Shopping Adware Remove (Removal Guide)

Innovia Secure Shopping is an adware developed to generate web traffic from advertisements shown inside your Internet browser. Of course, it doesn't say outright that it's malicious in nature - it's...
247vidz Adware

Remove 247vidz Virus (Removal Guide) – Update July 2017

247vidz is an adware presented as an application that allows you to watch as many movies as you want. It promises you a great variety - "thousands to choose from", provides...
Slither.io Adware

Remove Slither.io Adware (Removal Guide) – Update July 2017

Slither.io is an adware disguised as a site that lets you play an addictive online game. Something like this may appear totally harmless on the surface, but you have to consider...
WinLoop Adware

Remove WinLoop Adware (Virus Removal Guide) – Update July 2017

WinLoop is an adware which gets into your computer via various software downloaded from the Internet. If WinLoop is installed, it will configure itself in such a way that it will...