Android Forums hacked – users asked to reset passwords

Android Forums Hacked

Users of the site might become victims of a large data leakage. The security incident affected 2.5% (more than 1 million accounts) of the total number of members. Forum moderators said that they have identified potential hacked accounts and reset their passwords. Half of the hacked members have never posted to Android Forums.

The attackers managed to steal email addresses, hashed passwords, and salt. Administrators of the Android Forums have warned users about a possible wave of targeted phishing emails. The members who are not directly affected by the leak are still advised to change passwords as a precaution measure. The Neverstill Team, which operates the forum, apologized for the incident and promised to strengthen the protection of the site. In particular, the Neverstill Team is planning to switch Android Forums to HTTPS and to introduce two-step authentication.

According to InfoWatch, in 2016 organizations all around the world have faced more than 1556 data leaks, which is 3.4% higher than in 2015.


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