Android-based smartphones may come with pre-installed adware

Android Adware

Your Android device may arrive with pre-installed adware or malware, cybersecurity firm Check Point Software Technologies Inc. said in the Mobile Threat Prevention report.

The company has discovered 36 Android-based smartphone and tablet models that were infected by malicious software before users received them. According to Check Point, the pre-installed adware doesn’t come from smartphones vendors, but it is added somewhere along the supply chain.

Most of the malware detected to be pre-installed on the smartphones were info-stealers and malicious ad networks. However, one of this viruses was Slocker mobile ransomware. Slocker ransomware encrypts all files on the victim’s smartphone and demands a Bitcoin payment in return for their decryption key.

Here is a full list of infected Android devices and their malicious file names:

Device Malware APK
Asus Zenfone
Google Nexus 5 com.changba, com.mobogenie.daemon
Google Nexus 5X com.changba
Lenovo A850 com.androidhelper.sdk
LenovoS90, com.skymobi.mopoplay.appstore
LG G4 com.fone.player1
Oppo N3
OppoR7 plus com.example.loader
Samsung Galaxy A5 com.baycode.mop,
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 com.fone.player0,
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 com.changba
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 com.kandian.hdtogoapp, com.changba, air.fyzb3
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 com.ddev.downloader.v2
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 com.kandian.hdtogoapp
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge com.changba, com.mojang.minecraftpe
Samsung Galaxy S4, com.kandian.hdtogoapp, com.changba, com.mobogenie.daemon
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 com.example.loader
Vivo X6 Plus
Xiaomi Mi 4i
Xiaomi Redmi com.yongfu.wenjianjiaguanli
ZTE X500 com.iflytek.ringdiyclient

This data doesn’t mean that all devices of the listed models were infected by malware. However, it means that at some point in the manufacturing process malware can be installed on some of Android smartphones or tablet.


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