50% of companies have not upgraded their cyber defense technologies and procedures for more than 3 years

Cyber Security

According to the AT&T study results, a significant number of private companies do not really care about effective data protection. Despite the fact that new sophiscated cyber threats appear every day, 50% of businesses have not upgraded their security strategy for over three years. As a result, even simple security threats, such as spam or phishing attacks, might cause serious problems for business processes.

75% of Corporate Traffic Blocked Due to Security Reasons

Widescale spam campaigns and phishing attacks still represent one of the most evolving threats to private organizations. AT&T is blocking 75% of internet traffic (400 million spam messages) in their networks due to suspicious content issues, and those numbers continue to grow.

“Internet of Things” Devices

The study showes that devices related to the “Internet of Things” group also of great interest to cybercriminals who actively scan networks in search for potentially vulnerable IoT-devices. For example, during the first half of 2016 the number of such attempts has increased by 400%.

Even the most simple IoT-devices which don’t produce or process large volumes of sensitive data must be effectively protected. Last year’s incidents involving Mirai botnet showed that unprotected IoT-devices are actively used to create huge and powerful botnets which then participate in large-scale DDoS-attacks.

According to a survey by the Pwnie Express, more than 90% IT-experts believe that in 2017 main security threats will be coming from the “Internet of Things” devices.


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