Mr. Dec ransomware removal guide

Remove Mr. Dec Ransomware Virus – Detailed Removal Guide

Mr. Dec is a ransomware that targets data stored on your computer and encrypts it. It does so with a goal of forcing you to pay money for returning it to...
Super Cleanup rogue security program

Remove Super Cleanup Rogue Program – Virus Removal Guide

Super Cleanup is a rogue security program presented as a tool that can help you clean your Registry. Something like this might definitely seem appealing - keeping your Registry free of...
YahooChrome pup removal

How to Remove YahooChrome PUP – Removal Guide

YahooChrome is a Potentially Unwanted Program (or PUP) that exists to bring profits to its creators by showing advertisements inside your browser. As soon as it gets inside your system, it...
Multitimer PUP removal

Remove Multitimer Potentially Unwanted Program

Multitimer is a Potentially Unwanted Program (or PUP) presented as an application that can be used as a timer and also to set alarms. As soon as you install it, countless...
Oxy.exe adware removal

Remove Oxy.exe Adware – Detailed Removal Guide

Oxy.exe (also appearing under a name of is an adware developed to use your computer as a host for advertisements. This is done to produce web traffic from them and... browser miner PUP

Remove Adware – Virus Removal Guide is a Chrome browser miner that was created to abuse the resources of your computer to mine cryptocurrency. If you see your browser connecting to the and a lot...
Svchost.exe *32 Trojan removal

Remove Svchost.exe *32 Trojan – Detailed Removal Guide

Svchost.exe *32 (also known as MicroService CPU Miner) is a Trojan that's used to mine cryptocurrency. If you see the process with the aforementioned name taking up a lot of your... browser hijacker

How to Remove Browser Redirect is a browser redirect program presented as an application that can allow you to stay on top of things going on at Wall Street. It also informs you of local... browser hijacker

Remove Browser Redirect Completely is a browser redirect program that has a look of a search engine. It also provides you with some additional functionalities, like informing you of local weather, giving you quick...
Horsuke ransomware virus removal

How to Remove Horsuke Ransomware – Detailed Removal Guide

Horsuke is a ransomware that was firs found by the security researcher, S!Ri. It's designed to infiltrate the system and encrypt most of the files stored in it, and that's exactly...