"Windows Health Is Critical" Scam

Remove “Windows Health Is Critical” Virus (Removal Guide)

"Windows Health Is Critical" is a scam alert which is similar to Notice From Microsoft Corporation, Your Computer is locked !, Your Windows Is Infected, Suspicious Ransomware Activity, Unknown Security Breach,...
MMyMapsWizard Adware Toolbar

Remove MyMapsWizard Adware (Virus Removal Guide) – Update June 2017

MyMapsWizard is an adware touted as an application that gives you access to all kinds of maps. It allows you to get directions, learn of the traffic situation, provides you with... Fake Search Redirect

Remove Redirect (Virus Removal Guide) is a Hebrew browser redirect program that compromises your computer and turns it into a host for all kinds of advertisements. They can appear as banners, coupons, and Pop-Up windows,...
WizzRelease Adware Examples

Remove WizzRelease Adware (Virus Removal Guide)

WizzRelease is an adware that was developed to generate web traffic from advertisements shown inside your Internet browser. It may sneak inside the system along with Tuto4PC malware and it starts... Fake Search Redirect

Remove Redirect Virus (Removal Guide) is a browser redirect program disguised as an improved search engine. Once it infiltrates the system, it starts wreaking havoc inside of it and makes your user experience unpleasant and...
CondRed Adware Examples

Remove CondRed Adware Virus (Uninstall Guide)

CondRed is an adware that exists to display advertisements within your Internet browser, generate traffic from them and bring revenue that way. Unlike many other threats of this type, such as...
Mp3tagApp Adware Examples

Remove Mp3tagApp Adware (Virus Removal Guide)

Mp3tagApp is an adware presented as a tool that allows you to edit the tags of your MP3 files. Unfortunately, it was mainly created to show advertisements on the Internet pages...
CloudExtender Adware Examples

Remove CloudExtender Adware Virus (Removal Guide) – Update June 2017

CloudExtender is an adware developed to bring revenue to people behind it from the web traffic. It gets to work as soon as it's successful in infiltrating the system and, unlike... Fake Search Redirect

Remove Redirect (Virus Removal Guide) is a browser redirect program that looks like an enhanced search engine. It provides you with local weather, news, instant access to Google Maps, Bing Maps, Amazon, Gmail, YouTube, and...
"Congratulations Amazon User" Adware

Remove “Congratulations Amazon User” Virus (Removal Guide)

"Congratulations Amazon User" is an adware that tries to trick you into thinking that you've won a gift from Amazon. You're prompted to answer a few questions and, once you're through...